Preferred Suppliers Of Guitar Building Parts, Tools & Wood

The following list was created by the members of the Project Electric Guitar Facebook group. It highlights the preferred suppliers of guitar-building parts, tools and wood.

The list is categorized by country since shipping costs are a dominant consideration when purchasing.

If you would like to add a preferred supplier that is not in the list below, please add it in the comment section below and I will then incorporate it into the list.

Please note, the description next to the link, (e.g. hardware or tools), is a very simplistic identification of the type of items that are available from each supplier, please click on the link to see what they really offer.








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6 thoughts on “Preferred Suppliers Of Guitar Building Parts, Tools & Wood

  1. Bonjour Araz,
    J’avais préparé ma propre liste de fournisseurs européens quand tu avais posté ce sujet et l’avais oubliée au fond de mon ordinateur!
    Tu peux peut-être ajouter pour l’Europe: (woods) (woods) (Inlays, Mother of Pearl) (templates and jigs) (tools) (tools) (hardware)

    J’ai travaillé avec tous ces fournisseurs et ils sont tous sérieux



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