Cherry Wood Top

The top is made from a cherry wood plank 7″ x 48″ x 5/8″ that I cut into two 24″ pieces and butt jointed them together. Using a template, the guitar body is traced twice, one for the actual body and two for the cut-line.



After the top is cut. It is not yet glued to the mahogany bottom.

Cherry wood top and mahogany body
Top and bottom of guitar

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2 thoughts on “Cherry Wood Top

  1. Hi Araz,
    Thanks so much for putting up this helpful webpage and all the cool videos!

    Can you suggest a good source to get wood?

    1. Hi Peter, Personally, I get all my wood from a local exotic hardwoods store. I suggest you do a Google search for hardwood stores in your area. If there are none, then you may need to buy wood from online sources. Since I’ve never done that myself, I can’t be of much help in suggesting reputable sources.

      Another good source of wood is reclaimed lumber… if you can find it…


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