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4 thoughts on “How To Make A Guitar Neck Rest

  1. Thanks for this. Very usefull. But I would highly reccommend using some sort of push block(s) to keep your hands safe should the workpiece be snatched away.

    1. Thanks for the comment Geoff, I appreciate.
      I usually use a push block when I use the table saw but in this case, I don’t recommend it. Pushing the piece by hand gives me a better grip and therefore much more control. Also, since the workpiece is tall, using a push block makes it more likely to tip it over. The workpiece is also tall enough that I don’t believe there’s a danger that my hands will get close to the blade. The only issue, as you stated, is if the workpiece is snatched away. To minimize that, I only raise the blade by a tiny amount for each pass.
      Araz 🙂

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