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This website, Project Electric Guitar (PEG), has been growing steadily during the last eight months and I will be taking it to a new level soon. What am I talking about?

I'm planning to create an add-on "members" area within the PEG website. What will this look like exactly? I don't know yet, I'll be asking for your help in a few weeks to help me out with it... more to come later.


Courses, Plans, Tutorials, PDFs, 

Lessons, Interviews, Book & Tool Reviews,

Innovative Jigs, Templates, And A Community


I'm excited about the "membership" model because I'm very attracted to the idea of a value exchange relationship where I give you clear, convenient and practical content, without limits, on an ongoing manner, for you to build better guitars. Or in many cases, help you to start your first guitar.

You may be thinking, "but there's plenty of free information on the Internet already". Yes that's true, but there's also a problem of "overwhelm" with this free content, and even with some paid membership guilds.


The content will be organized into four categories:

Planning & Design (PD)

How To's (HT)

Jigs & Templates (JT)

Shop Tools (ST)


Ideas for content in the member's area:

Planning & Design (PD)

  • A starters guide to building an electric guitar from scratch (checklist of guitar hardware parts, all the steps in building an electric guitar) (PDF)
  • What can we learn from PRS about guitar building? (Article) 
  • Book reviews (Video or Article Review)
  • Guitar design inspirations (PDF)
  • Interview and behind the scenes with professional luthiers (Article)
  • Plan and design your first electric guitar (Lesson)
  • Understand how to calculate the neck angle once and for all (Video Tutorial)
  • How to design a guitar in Inkscape (Multi-Part Video Course)
  • Tips about workshop organization (PDF)

How To's (HT)

  • How to make a (Gibson, Fender, PRS) guitar neck Video Course)
  • How to cut perfect fret slots by hand every time (Video Tutorial)
  • How to build a (Les Paul, Telecaster, PRS, etc.), a full guitar-building course (Multi-Part Video Course)
  • How to make your own nut slot spacing ruler (PDF)
  • How to get a high-gloss polyurethane hand-wiped finish (Video Tutorial)

Jigs & Templates (JT)

  • Updated: Improved truss rod channel routing jig plans (PDF)
  • Updated: Improved clamps for gluing a guitar top (Video Tutorial)
  • How to make guitar templates (Video Tutorial)
  • How to make a radiusing jig?

Shop Tools (ST)

  • Make your own, poor man's, version of StewMac's Fretting Tool Set (Video Tutorial)
  • Make a guitar repair vise
I want to build and grow this members area with you and for you. Let me know your honest feedback, comments or ideas. I'd love to hear from you, there's a contact form at the bottom of this page.
Here's my first question for you regarding this new project, the "Project Electric Guitar Membership" doesn't have a good ring to it... what can we call it? Let me know if the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Membership Enrollment List

  1. Dont know if Im qualified to comment, but I have made clavichords, lute, celtic harp. I would like to see something for the beginner on sharpening tools and perhaps for making some hand tools such as planes. Many people dont realise for example that polishing the back of a blade and removing any pits is just as important as producing a good bevel. Hand tools are simple, but making them work really well took me half a lifetime. Keep up the good work, we need happy craftsmen first and competent ones as a consequence

  2. let me know how things go – if timing is right I might join… I’m not planning to go pro or build for anyone else – just want to make one for myself since I no longer can afford to buy what I’d like. and I’ve been saving wood for years and need a challenging project to put it to good use.

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