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2) You Are Invited To Join The Guitar Building Discussion Group
In the meantime, I would like to invite you to the private Project Electric Guitar Facebook group community.

The Project Electric Guitar Facebook community is all about the process of building electric guitars (it’s a private group of knowledgeable guitar builders).


What are you currently working on? Show your work-in-progress, your finished creations, your jigs, your workshop, link to online videos, etc.

Are you stuck on something? Ask for help, ask questions. Can you help answer someone’s question?

The rules of the group are simple: Be respectful, ask for help when you need it, help others when you can.

Topic include: design, creativity, woodworking, electrical wiring, jigs, finishing, resources, wood selection, inlays, hardware, tools, pickups, etc. Anything and everything related to the process of design and build.

So come and join the discussion.