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Project Electric Guitar is now accepting guest posts.

Do you have an idea for a tutorial or an article? Maybe you already have something written that’s just sitting on your hard drive?

Why not publish it on Project Electric Guitar and get exposure for yourself and traffic back to your website from about 5000 real visitors per month and growing (spam-bots removed from analytics) .

If you are interested, please read the guidelines below and submit either a proposal or a draft.



  • Guest post proposal and drafts must be pertinent to guitar building. Acceptable topics, categories and tutorials include but are not limited to:
    • design, woodworking, jigs, electrical wiring, finishing, inlays, tools, etc.
    • Basically, anything that’s related to the process of building an electric guitar.
  • Previously published articles are accepted.
  • For proposals, please include a draft title and basic outline.
  • For drafts, please put your best effort into the vocabulary and grammar.
  • Photos are optional but highly recommended. Photography is communication, so for each photo, 1) make sure there is a clear subject, 2) remove any distractions, and 3) make sure it’s well focused and properly exposed.
  • One or two links within the article are acceptable.
  • Include a short author bio with photo (optional), a link to your website, social sites, etc. This will be published at the end of the post.



Where do visitors to PEG come from?

Most visitors come from these top 10 countries:

United States 50%, United Kingdom 21%, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, etc.