About Me

My name is Araz, I live near Montreal, Canada. The photo below is me in my workshop.

Me working on the guitar


The Project Electric Guitar (PEG) Facebook Group

PEG has a thriving community on Facebook. Come see what it’s all about.

Here’s a description of the group/community:

Welcome Guitar Builders! This amazing community is all about sharing the process of building electric guitars!

The rules of the group are very simple: 1) be respectful, 2) ask for help when you need it, 3) help others when you can and 4) have fun!

You can i) introduce yourself to the group with a short bio (optional) or ii) jump right into the discussions or iii) just hang out in the background and absorb the discussions.

-> Monday is “Metal-Axe Mondays” (#MAM)
-> Tuesday is “T-Style Tuesday” (#TT)
-> Wednesday is “What’s On The Workbench Wednesday” (#WOTWW)
-> Friday is “Free-Tip Friday”, tag it #FTF, but don’t wait for Fridays to post your tip, any day of the week is a great #FTF
-> Start a “Guitar Build Diary” post to show your build progress, tag it #GBD, and add to it on a regular basis

Selling guitar-building related items is permitted (tools, jigs, parts, pickups, wood, necks, etc.). Please use the “Sell Something” option in the post menu.

Besides that, show us your jigs, your works-in-progress, your mistakes, your finished creations, your workshop, links to videos, resources, etc.

You’ll find plenty of support in this group to maintain your guitar-building addiction.


You can also contact me by using the form below. Do you have feedback, ideas, comments, suggestions, etc. Let me know.


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