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How To Make A Guitar Neck Rest On The Table Saw

I had always wanted to make one of these neck rests but never knew how the curved portions were made. Surprisingly, they are made with a table saw! Watch the video to see how.


How To Make Fret-Levelling Files

Fret leveling files can be an expensive investment for the first-time builder. In this video I show how I make simple, inexpensive but really good fret-leveling-files.


How to make a guitar neck support caul.


How To Make Coaster Sandwiches

At some point during the build, you will want to keep the guitar body elevated in order to reduce the chances of scratches and dents. I got the idea of making these coaster sandwiches after seeing those Rockler bench cookies. These coaster sandwiches are sturdy, soft, inexpensive and easy to make.



How To Make A Router Planing Jig

If you don’t have a thickness planer, then this router jog is a great alternative. It’s easy to make and work great.


A New Way To Make Humbucker Pickup Routing Templates

This method make perfectly straight lines and perfectly square edge. The solution? Think Tetris or Jenga… Watch the video to find out.


Table Saw Jointing Jig For Joining A Guitar Top

I show how I make and use a table saw jointing jig to join two pieces of walnut that will become the top of a Gibson Explorer body.


A Simple But Effective Press For Gluing A Guitar Top

I glue the walnut top of a Gibson Explorer-like body to the mahogany bottom using a home-made press machine.


My Truss Rod Channel Routing Jig

This is my version of a truss rod channel routing jig.


A clamping system for gluing guitar tops.



How To Add A Small Roundover To A Guitar Top By Hand

I show how to add a small roundover to a guitar top by hand. The method has three steps: 1) create a 45 degree bevel using sandpaper, 2) sand the two new edges that were created from the first pass and 3) sand the roundover with a finer-grit sandpaper.


How To Make Round Wooden Inlay Fret Markers And Install Them On A Fretboard

I make round wooden plugs using a plug cutter and then inlay them into a guitar fretboard.


Guitar Design With Inkscape

Inkscape is a very powerful scalable vector graphic software (SVG). In this video, I show you some of the tools that I use to design a new guitar.


How To Make A Guitar Body Template

Make perfect guitar body template using this method.


How To Measure, Cut And Glue A Scarf Joint For A Guitar Neck

The video is in 3 parts: 1) How to measure and determine the starting position of the scarf joint; 2) how to make a table-saw-scarf-joint-jig and make the actual cut; and 3) how to setup and glue the scarf joint.


I show you the method I use to carve the neck pocket on a guitar body. This method always gives me great results and is nearly foolproof if done properly.


The making of a custom Explorer, a photo-video diary.