Highlights From The 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show

This 2 day guitar show brings some of the best luthiers from around the world into one conference center. The 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show was held in October in the vibrant city of Berlin. About 135 acoustic and electric guitar builders were present in a roughly 60% to 40% ratio respectively.

The show is a buffet of jaw-dropping craftsmanship guitar porn!

You can’t come back from a show like this and not expect more from yourself as a builder.

In this article, I highlight some of my personal favourite electric guitars and their builders. After talking with them, one thing became very clear to me, they are passionate about their craft and proud to show their creative works. They are also some of the nicest and friendliest people I had the privilege to meet.

Their passion for their craft shines through their work, sorry for the corny gliché, but it really does! Each builder has a unique style and personality and those characteristics are expressed in their craft. These guitars are as much art as they are musical instruments.

I hope you’ll discover some new guitar builders and be as inspired by their creative work as I was.

Here are some of my personal highlights from the 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show (in alphabetical order):

Alejandro Ramirez (o3 guitar & bass), SPAIN

Alejandro’s guitars have beautiful organic body shapes. It’s not easy to deviate so much from the norm and still make it work but he has indeed achieved this beautifully.


20161009_115949-web o3 guitar & bass20161009_120147-web 20161009_120153-web 20161009_120215-web

If I could leave the show with one guitar, this one is it!



20161009_120753-web 20161009_120815-web 20161009_120927-web  20161009_121159-web

20161009_121016-web20161009_121217-web 20161009_121238-web 20161009_121339-web 20161009_121459-web


Alex Dmytriw (Darius Guitarz), FRANCE

The Explorer is one of my favourite body shapes and from the looks of it, so is Alex’s. He’s customized it and personalized it. Merci Alex 😉

Alex Dmytriw



The length of this beautiful fretboard contains an engraved story, maybe it should be called a “storyboard” 🙂



20161009_122243-web 20161009_122257-web 20161009_122308-web 20161009_122414-web 20161009_122449-web 20161009_122716-web 20161009_122911-web 20161009_122923-web 20161009_122934-web   20161009_122943-web


Csaba Benedek (Fibenare Guitars Co.), HUNGARY

Beautiful guitars and the very friendly Csaba.

Csaba Benedek

20161009_101724-web 20161009_101832-web 20161009_101914-web 20161009_101958-web 20161009_102057-web 20161009_102144-web 20161009_102158-web 20161009_102240-web 20161009_102343-web 20161009_102613-web 20161009_102626-web 20161009_102634-web


Marco Omar Viola (M.O.V.Guitars), ITALY

The word I would use to describe Marco’s guitars is “sensual”!

M.O.V.Guitars, Marco Omar Viola, ITALY

20161009_141742-web20161009_141609-web 20161009_141822-web 20161009_141852-web 20161009_141945-web 20161009_142006-web 20161009_142107-web 20161009_142302-web 20161009_142312-web 20161009_142356-web 20161009_142504-web  20161009_142535-web 20161009_142623-web


Michael Schillhof (Beast of the East), GERMANY

Some of the most exotic looking guitars and company name at the show 🙂 Although Michael’s guitars look dangerous, they are actually surprisingly, very ergonomic to play.

Michael Schillhof, Beast of the East, GERMANY

20161009_115222-web 20161009_115258-web 20161009_115359-web 20161009_115517-web 20161009_115544-web 20161009_115638-web 20161009_115703-web


Mike Potvin (Potvin Guitars), CANADA

Beautifully made guitars and one of the nicest guys you’ll meet…, of course, he’s Canadian 🙂

Mike Potvin, Potvin Guitars, CANADA

20161009_102952-web 20161009_103029-web 20161009_103036-web 20161009_103204-web 20161009_103230-web 20161009_103307-web


Omer Deutsch, (OD Guitars), ISRAEL

Omer’s beautiful designs incorporate geometries found in nature.

OD Guitars, Omer Deutsch, ISRAEL

20161009_140133-web 20161009_140026-web20161009_140147-web  20161009_140217-web 20161009_140232-web 20161009_140208-web20161009_140329-web 20161009_140916-web 20161009_141318-web


Pablo Massa (Pablo Massa Guitars), ARGENTINA

Pablo presented his “Famiglia” project. It consists of making three guitars from one piece of body blank. Yes, you read that correctly! The resulting guitars are symbolic representations of a father, mother and child, hence the “famiglia”.

Pablo Massa Guitars, Pablo Massa, ARGENTINA

20161009_104418-web 20161009_104901-web20161009_104805-web20161009_104357-web20161009_104413-web20161009_104430-web 20161009_104527-web 20161009_104559-web 20161009_104613-web 20161009_104646-web 20161009_104746-web


Peter Naglitsch (Peter Naglitsch Luthier), SWEDEN

Peter’s guitars are simply beautiful creations!

Peter Naglitsch, Peter Naglitsch Luthier, SWEDEN

20161009_100239-web 20161009_100402-web 20161009_100419-web 20161009_100428-web 20161009_100452-web 20161009_100845-web 20161009_100900-web




Michael Spalt



Nik Huber



Sascha Proske & Robby Rybol



Michael Spalt



See you next year Berlin!

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  1. Thank you very much for including me in the article, It was very nice to have you as visitor and feel the good feedback from you. I hope to see you soon in another great guitar show, maybe NAMM ?? 😉

    1. It was great to meet you Alejandro and to see your beautiful guitars first hand. I hope to see you again soon 🙂

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