Planning and Designing an Electric Guitar

Update: I no longer use paper and pencil to draw the design of my guitars, instead I use a program called Inkscape. See how I use Inkscape to design guitars.

This is the planning and design step of the guitar build.  I drew the plans on 3 pieces of large paper that are held together with tape on the back. This gives me just enough space to draw the body, the neck and most of the headstock in full size. The guitar is drawn from both the top and side views to get a clear understanding of the dimensions.

Overall specs are:

  • 25″ scale length
  • rosewood fingerboard
  • mahogany neck
  • Set-neck design
  • mahogany body with chambers to reduce weight
  • cherry wood top (contoured)
  • Tune-o-matic bridge
  • String-thru tailpiece
  • 2 pickups (neck and bridge)
  • Nut length is 4.3cm (1”11/16th or 1.69”)

    Planning and designing of project 1
    Planning and designing the electric guitar on paper

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